enyaoireag (enyaoireag) wrote in texas_cosplay,

Be in the World's Biggest Hug!

You heard me right! This is a perfectly cool way to hug random strangers! I bet you've always wanted to be in the record books but didn't know how. Here's your chance! The City of Schertz, Texas is hosting a September Showcase of local businesses and to prove the motto of "The Friendly City," are trying to beat the world record for the largest hug! The event is on September 30th at the municipal complex off of Schertz Parkway (1400 Schertz Parkway, Schertz, TX 78154). It's from 10am-4pm and the hug will start around 12:00pm and last until 2:30pm. San Japan will have a booth in the nonprofit organization section, so make sure to stop by and say hi! As usual, we'll have preregistrations for the discounted price of $25 and hold some raffles for some awesome prizes!

There's also a few contests during the hug. One of the categories is "largest group/club or organization in uniform." Our uniform shall be cosplay! From the aerial photo of the hug, I want to see a big section of cosplayers! Tell your friends and let's go in style into the record books and win that prize! Of course, no weapons, one because you'll make my family friend, the assistant chief of the police department, very, very sad, and two, how can you hug someone while holding onto a sword/staff/etc.?

See ya'll out there on the 30th!
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